Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

Electroffers cares about the privacy of its users and is dedicated to safeguarding your privacy when visiting our website or communicating with us electronically.

The privacy policy shed light on how the Electroffers uses your personal data. We’re bound to follow the standards of business ethics & data protection, kindly review it thoroughly as it highlights the rights you have. Jotted below is the precise information about what data we take and how we provide the safeguard to your personal information.

How the website works is a terrain loaded with digital deals from all the popular brands/retailers. If you go through the affiliate links displayed on our website for purchasing, we will procure a commission. In order to uphold the integrity of our website and keep it running smoothly, we have to obtain such commissions. Bear in mind, we use these links and the items in-store on the quality bases and not for the commission we get from your buys.

By engaging with us in the ways set out in the privacy policy and by submitting personal data manually or in the electronic form to us, you allow the use of that information as described in the policy. Kindly read the following carefully.

Data Collection

We are the sole owners and protectors of the data collected from you in order to give you the best possible service when using our website. We’ll never share, sell or rent the data to others apart from those revealed in this statement.

We may ask for data at different points on the website and may gather information from other companies for example demographic and navigation data. If any changes take place in the policy, we will update it soon to make you aware of the data collection and how we use it at all times.

We utilize the collected data to provide a detailed insight into all the best deals available on our site and to show you the deals that you’ve been searching for.


The sole purpose of cookies is to help us in recognizing the users visiting our website. The cookies not only let us provide you with good user experience but also help us in taking measures to improvise our website. By accessing our services, you are trusting us to handle these cookies effectively and safely possible.

Following are the cookies used by our website to find you the right offers from your favourite stores. The analytical/performance cookie allows us to track the users visiting our website, whereas the targeted cookies help us in targeting the pages you followed and links you visited. There’s another cookie called advertising cookies that are used to assist with delivering online advertisement on this website or those of third parties.

Information Security

The information received by us from you might also be transferred over the internet. In order to avoid such happenings, we make every possible step to safeguard your provided information; however, the transformation of information through the internet is not completely secure. But once we received your personal information, we’ll take all the strict procedures and security features to prevent unauthorized access to it.

Public (unregistered) users

We do not keep the data of unregistered users of the website, apart from the IP address and sessions details like pages visited and type of browser used.

Newsletter Subscriptions

By giving us your e-mail address and accepting the terms of our privacy policy, you’ll automatically receive newsletters from our website. The letters will be full of the frugal deals and discounts we might be giving at that current time. The main purpose of creating a newsletter is to cater the needs of every consumer as reported by their cookie data.


To provide you with detailed insight on specific services, we might share your demographic data with our advertisers, clients and partners. It has nothing to do with any personal data that can identify any individual. When you sign up for the services, we’ll share the name and contact data with the third party to provide you with the offers you might be interested in. The third parties are not allowed to utilize personally identifiable data for any other purpose than providing the services.

Data Protection

We shall only use your personal data in accordance with the legal requirements, principles and best recommendations of the Act that grants you with multiple of rights in respect to process your personal data. According to Article 77 of the General Data Protection Regulation, you may also make a complaint to the data protection regulator or the information commissioner’s office in the country where you work or lives in.

For further information about your rights under the Act, the rules we have to adhere to in collecting and storing your data, kindly visit the official website of the Act.

Updating/Removal of Personal Data

If there’re certain changes need to be amended regarding your data, it is your responsibility to inform us of such amendments. We’ll correct the information as soon as possible. Alongside this, if you’re not any more interested in our services contact us, we’ll remove the personal data provided by you to us. Please be informed, an archive copy of the data provided to us may be reserved for our records and audit purposes.


If you have some queries regarding our privacy policy, services or you wish to exercise any of your rights, do not hesitate to drop us an email at: [email protected].

Disclosure: If you buy a product or service after clicking one of our links, we may be paid a commission

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